Kevin Leehey, M.D.
Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry
Board Certified

1980 E. Ft. Lowell Road, Suite 150 | Tucson, Arizona 85719
Phone: (520) 296-4280 | Fax: (520) 296-3835



Axtel, Amy, M.A. LPC
2450 E. Speedway, Suite 2
623-7725   Adult, family, couples
ALSO Margaret Knight MA LPC LISAC
Baker, Brandy, PsyD.
5675 N. Oracle Rd., Ste 3101
Youth and families
ALSO Yoendry Torres, PsyD
Barcanic, Steve, MA, LPC
7360 N. La Cholla Blvd.
531-1934 Youth, parenting, family, adult therapy   Creative Counseling Solutions
Barillas, Hector, Ph.D.
1601 N. Tucson Blvd., Suite 21
325-6633   Bilingual - (Spanish)
Youth, adults, family
Bathel, Dean, CISW
5210 E. Pima, Suite 140
275-6780   Youth, and family therapy
Baumgartner, Dena, PhD
3601 North Vine Ave.
325-6698   Adults, couples, family, group;
Biava, Peter, MC, LPC
1760 E. River Rd., Suite 120
390-9679 Youth, adult, family, and substance related therapy
Bozzolo, Luanna, PhD.
1200 N. El Dorado Pl.
332-6755 Children, Teens, adults, family therapy, testing, bilingual
Brown, Linda, MA, LPC
6280 E. Pima St., #110
729-4946 Addictions, trauma, EMDR
Collier, Barbara, LPC
3742 N. Edith Blvd. 85718
403-5611 Youth and family therapy
Doubrava, Debbie, PsyD
3875 N. 1st Ave., near Prince
225-0584 youth, school, testing
Dvoskin, Jennifer, PsyD
1050 E. River Rd., Suite 102
887-5489 Therapy for pre-teens, teens, adults; warm outgoing
Esperero Family Center 
5671 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 2101
Miller, Kenny, LCSW
Winters, Beth, LCSW
Parisoff, Maggie, LPC
Intschert, Tabitha, LCSW
326-8424   Youth, family, trauma, attachment
Flynn, Sean, Ph.D.
5920 E. Pima St.
733-2524   youth and family
Garcia, Ann Twilley
Shaughnessy Wood, Maeve LPC
2921 E. Fort Lowell Rd., Suite 207
anxiety, depression, substances, eating disorder, EMDR
Gaus, Joe, MSW, Ph.D.
2415 E. 6th St.
323-2670 Therapy for teens and adults
Genteman, Stephanie, MEd, LBA
4625 East 2nd St.
991-0877   ABA for Autism
Gurgevich, Steven, Ph.D
5215 N. Sabino Canyon Rd.
886-1700 hypnosis, relaxation training, anxiety, stress
Harrison, Lynne, Ph.D.
800 N. Swan Rd., Ste 104
327-2126   Cognitive behavior therapy, anxiety, ADHD, schools
Hays, Pamela, MBA, MA, LPC
6592 N. Oracle Rd.
549-4145   Therapy, intensive, youth, adults, couples, families
Kautz, Janna, Ph.D.
1980 E. Fort Lowell Rd. Suite 150
296-4280   Child and Adolescent testing, therapy, Autism expert
Leipert, Linda, PsyD
6885 N. Oracle Rd., Suite A
219-7383   Youth and adult CBT, DBT
Levy, Marilyn, LPC
7902 E. Hayne Pl.
  Adults, trauma, PTSD, EMDR, relationships, LGBTQ
Mikels-Romero, Sherri, LCSW
1647 N. Alvernon Way, Suite 4
837-1283   Child, Teen, Adult, Family, trauma
Muszynski, Rich, Ph.D.
5956 E. Pima St., Suite 130
906-7048   therapy, all ages, youth, identity development, LGBTQ
Neal, Sylvia, LCSW
7360 N. La Cholla Blvd.
704-9137   Child, teen, family therapy, trauma, anxiety
Nichols, Mark Alan, M.Ed, LPC
4723 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 312
  youth, adult, trauma, addictions
Petrovich, Shannon, LCSW
6408 E. Tanque Verde Rd. at Aleph Center
885-5558   Adults, youth, elderly, and family therapy
Prohaska, Jack, LCSW
3045 N. 1st Ave.
  Youth, family, adult therapy at
ALSO Michelle Ellis PhD, Tucker Peck PhD, Jeff Harvey LPC, and Dan Newman LPC
Rollins, Jennifer, MC, LPC
1601 N. Tucson Blvd., Unit 39
  Children, teens, families, therapy
ALSO Maya Asher LPC 394-6266
Marlo Mendez LPC 252-4388
Rosenstock, Janet, LCSW 
2802 N Alvernon Way, Suite 300
795-2396   Family, youth therapy, OCD
ALSO Barbara Andrews MSW, Bill Beaver PhD
Ross, Bari, M.Ed., LPC
1661 N. Swan Rd. Suite 200-11
954-3300   Youth, adult therapy, school
Samaniego, Roxana, Ph.D
10501 E. Seven Generations Way, Suite 121
Vail 85747
955-1857   Family, youth therapy, parenting guidance
Schuneman, Courtney, Psy.D.
2618 N. La Cholla Blvd.
477-2273 Youth, families, adults, trauma
Schnaps, Laura, Ph.D.
1050 E. River Rd., Suite 102
696-0422   Eating disorders, therapy all ages, marital
Smith, RoseMarie, M.A.
433-1544   School age, college, and parent behavior and education consultant (see my Tutoring Resources), not AZ licensed therapist, is AZ certified school psychologist
Sticken, Shannon, PsyD
2500 N. Tucson Blvd., Suite 108
  Adults, substances, relationships, addiction
ALSO Lauren Hoyt LMFT
Uche, Ugo, M.S. LPC
7301 E. 22nd St.
481-0670 Teens, young adults, and family therapy
Vasquez, Christina, Ph.D.
5210 E. Pima, Suite 105
468-1181 Teens, young adults therapy
Walker, Brian, Ph.D.
5151 E Broadway Blvd. Ste. 720
747-0821   Eating disorders, anger management, adults
Ware, Jean, CISW
5210 E. Pima
326-1336 Youth and family therapy
Winder, Susan, LISW
4570 E. Camp Lowell Dr.
322-6575 Youth and family therapy
Wortman, Jean, LISW
1540 N. Tucson Blvd.
881-6875 Family and youth therapy, DBT
ALSO Tim Musty, LCSW; Linda Conaway-Morgan, LCSW
Wright, Savannah, PhD
4400 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite 600
491-9376 Youth and family, school, ASD, testing
Specialized Couples and Marital Therapists:
   Brundage, Jan, Ph.D.
   Buchsbaum, Ruby, M.A.
   Lees, Adena Bank

3861 E. 3rd
4732 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 315
2292 W. Magee Rd., Suite 260
Christian Therapy:
   Gray, William, Ph.D.
   Lisa Francis, M.A.
   Seery, Bill, MS, LMFT, MDiv

1779 N. Alvernon Way
5210 E. Pima, Suite 110A
220 E. Wetmore Rd., Suite 215
Neurofeedback, Biofeedback:
   Crago, Robert, Ph.D.
   Manchanda, Sanjay, MA

5363 E. Pima
4761 E. Camp Lowell; Eastern therapy, meditation
Psychological (P), Educational (E) or Neuropsychological (N) Testing
  Belanger, Scott, PsyD. (N) Adults
  Gutman, Renee, Ph.D. (N,E,P)
  Jaffe, Lynne, Ph.D. (E)
  Kautz, Janna, Ph.D. (N,E,P) Autism
  Russell, Andrea, Ph.D (E)
  Sammons, Janice, Ph.D (N,E,P)
  Inselman-Temkin, Barbara, Ph.D. (P,E)
  Wright, Savannah, PhD (E)


403 W. Cool Drive, Suite 107
5715 N. Calle de Lucimiento
2825 E. Florence Dr.
1980 E. Fort Lowell
7660 E. Broadway, Suite 207
1980 E. Fort Lowell Rd., Suite 150
3561 E. Sunrise Dr., #109
4400 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite 600
Intensive Outpatient Program

  In Balance
  The Mark

Others include: Desert Star; Desert Milagro; Mirasol; Zen Institute; Sonora Hospital; Palo Verde Hospital

Teen, Family, & Adult substance and behavior problems therapy
6107 E. Grant Rd.; adults
4653 E. Pima;, teen and adult (separate)
This list is intended to be brief and thus does not include many additional good and competent options.

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