Private schools in the Tucson area
A Child's View School 2854 W. Drexel Road 578-1156 K-6 65 1:22 May 2 deadline; waiting list Teresa Shaw Back to basics N/A $2,400
Armstrong Academy 9209 E. Wrightstown Road 886-1934 K-8 150 1:12 (1-3); 1:14 (4-6); 1:16 (7-8) Ongoing registration in classes having space; waiting list for some grades Jerry Armstrong, M.Ed. Individualized instruction, emphasis on acceleration and mastery of basic skills N/A $4,545
Carden Christian Academy Central 2727 N. Swan Road 318-3824 PreK-8 61 1:12 Open enrollment; no waiting list Dianna Marquez A Christ-centered school with a dynamic language arts program Carden Foundation $2,950
Casas Christian School 10801 N. La Cholla Blvd. 297-0922 K-8 400 1:20 Registration begins in February until full; waiting list for some grades Gary Siefers Emphasis on math, science, language, computer, music and spiritual growth Casas Adobes Baptist Church, ACSI $3,638 (K-5); $4,045 (6-8)
Castlehill Country Day School 3225 N. Craycroft Road 795-0008 PreK-5 360 1:9 April deadline; waiting list for some grades Arline Schlossberg Accelerated curriculum, science, math, language arts and extensive fine arts program Independent $3,000-$6,000
Cornerstone Christian Academy 2150 E. Orange Grove Road 529-7080 K-8 138 1:14 Registration begins April 1 until full; waiting list in some classes Dr. Thomas Askew, Ed.D. CCA provides a classical curriculum based on the medieval trivium with a Christian worldview Catalina Foothills Church, ASCI, CSI, CSA member N/A
Desert Christian High School 7777 E. Speedway Blvd. 298-5817 9-12 215 1:14 Applications process Jan.-Aug. Allen W. Nielsen Rigorous traditional liberal arts curriculum from a Christian worldview NCA, CSI, ACSI $4,560
Desert Christian Middle School 7525 E. Speedway Blvd. 795-7161 6-8 99 1:20 Application process Jan.-Apr.; no waiting list Dennis O'Reilly To provide a rigorous liberal arts education from a Christian worldview ACSI, CSI $4,008
Dove Christian School 166 E. Roger Road 696-0884 K-12 40-50 1:10 Ongoing open enrollment Harold R. Semrock Private interdenominational Christian, back to basics, traditionally taught, conservative, with dress code None $1,500 (K-4); $1,750 (5-6); $2,500 (7-12)
Enchanted Desert School and Playgarden 3238 E. First St. 325-5514 PreK-6 120 1:12 Early enrollment Feb. 28; waiting list for some programs Julie Dahnke Holistic-arts based learning recognizing the potential of each individual child Tucson Waldorf Education Assoc. $2,000-$6,000
Faith Community Academy 2551 W. Orange Grove Road 742-4189 PreK-6 102 1:14 Ongoing open enrollment; waiting list for some classes Kathy Steele Integrated Christian world view curriculum with phonics emphasis ACSI $2,400
Faith Lutheran School 3925 E. Fifth St. 881-0670 PreK-8 111 1:7 (PreK); 1:11 (K-8) Open enrollment depending on space available; no waiting list Millie Lewis Developing God-pleasing growth, spiritually, emotionally, academically, socially and physically Lutheran Missouri Synod $3,080
Fenster School 8500 E. Ocotillo Road 749-3340 9-12 125 1:7 Ongoing open enrollment Don Saffer Provide a structured environment for underachievers to excel NCA $23,500 (boarding only)
First Southern Christian School 445 E. Speedway Blvd. 624-9797 PreK-6 120 1:13 Ongoing open enrollment; no waiting list David S. English Biblical truth permeates all subjects First Southern Baptist Church $1,700-$2,900
Fountain of Life Lutheran School 710 S. Kolb Road 747-1213 ext 152 PreK-8 280 1:25 Ongoing open enrollment; waiting list. Open registration begins March 18 Jonathan Schultz Quality Christian-centered experience includes basic education, computers and music Lutheran Missouri Synod, NLSA $1,340-$3,245
Golf Links Christian School 6902 E. Golf Links Road 790-2424 K-8 72 1:8 Ongoing open enrollment; no waiting list Charles Dugan High academics, relationship and discipline training Golf Links Baptist Church, ACSI $2,500
Green Fields Country Day School 6000 N. Camino de la Tierra 297-2288 4-12 225 1:9 Ongoing open enrollment; waiting list Rick Belding College preparatory, excellent fine arts program and competitive athletics NCA, AAIS, NAIS $7,800 (4-5); $10,200 (6-12)
Immaculate Heart Academy 410 E. Magee Road 297-6672 PreK-8 404 l:23 March 15 deadline; waiting list Beth Piekarski Spiritual development and academic success in a safe, nurturing environment WCEA, NCA $2,700
Immaculate Heart High School 625 E. Magee Road 297-2851 9-12 96 1:18 Ongoing open enrollment; no waiting list Sister Luisa Sanchez Spiritual development and academic success in a safe nurturing environment NCA, WCEA $4,400-$4,500
Ironwood Hills School 2245 W. Ironwood Hills Drive 624-3896 1-12 17 1:8 Aug. 1 deadline; no waiting list John Morgan Mastery approach to traditional curriculum with a Biblical moral content ACE $150 per month
Kino School 6625 N. First Ave. 297-7278 PreK-12 100 1:8 Ongoing open enrollment; waiting list for middle and high school Ernest Espinoza Self-directed learning NALSAS4 $5,580 (PreK-5); $5,895 (6-8); $5, 985 (9-12)
Learning Lab, The 1670 N. Kolb Road 298-0266 7-12 50 1:3 Ongoing open enrollment; no waiting list Mary Johnson Individualized instruction with custom-prepared curriculum NCA $545 per month
Learning Lab, The 231 W. Giaconda Way 797-1875 7-12 50 1:3 Ongoing open enrollment; no waiting list Mary Johnson Individualized instruction with custom- prepared curriculum NCA $545 per month
New Hope Christian Academy 7801 E. Kenyon Drive 885-4800 K-5 114 1:20 Ongoing open enrollment until classes are full Charlotte E. Beecher Traditional academic program taught from a Christian world view ACSI $3,250 (1-5)
Our Mother of Sorrows School 1800 S. Kolb Road 747-1027 PreK-8 534 1:30 March 31 deadline; waiting list Jean McKenzie Basic elementary curriculum, strong spiritual development, resource program, Spanish, music and computer technology NCA, WCEA $1,995-$2,625
Palo Verde Christian School 2151 N. Palo Verde Blvd. 327-6683 K-8 133 1:14 Ongoing open enrollment; waiting list Pamela Barr A quality education in a Christian atmosphere ACSI $3,050
Pusch Ridge Christian Academy 9500 N. Oracle Road 797-0107 6-12 330 1:17 Ongoing open enrollment; waiting list for some grades Dr. Eric R. Abrams Christ-centered, college preparatory school, emphasis on the classics. Full athletic program, fine arts, leadership training Catalina Foothills Church, PCA $4,079 (6-8); $4,759 (9-12)
Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran School 8845 N. Silverbell Road 572-8136 PreK-8 148 1:17 Ongoing open enrollment Patrick Walker Christ- centered elementary education Wisconsin Lutheran Synod $3,000-$3,600
Sahuarita Christian School 18140 S. La Canada Sahuarita 648-1424 1-12 12 1:12 Open enrollment; no waiting list Mary Hess Strong emphasis on the basic fundamentals of education Christ's Church Sahuarita $175 per month
Salpointe Catholic High School 1545 E. Copper St. 327-6581 9-12 1350 1:22 Registration process Jan.-Mar.; no waiting list Father Frederick J. Tillotson Inspires pursuit of excellence, affirms dignity of individuals, enhances faith and commitment to serve NCA $4,194-$4,797
San Xavier Mission School 1980 W. San Xavier Road 294-0628 K-8 178 1:17 March 31 deadline; waiting list Sister Jackie Koenig Cognitive development of the student enabling him or her to acquire lifelong learning habits Diocese of Tucson N/A
Santa Cruz Catholic School 29 W. 22nd St. 624-2093 PreK-8 275 1:20 Ongoing open enrollment Donna C. Gary Developing each student to their full potential through academic excellence WCEA $1,740
Satori School 3801 N. First Ave. (PreK) 3727 N. First Ave. (1-5) 887-4003 293-7555 PreK-5 195 1:10 Open enrollment begins March 1; waiting list for some classes Phyllis Gold Interdisciplinary, integrated, individualized and using multiple intelligence NAEYC $375-$575 per month
SS. Peter and Paul Catholic School 1436 N. Campbell Ave. 325-2431 K-8 533 1:20 (K); 1:30 (1-8) Enrollment begins Jan. 30; waiting list Sister Ann Patrick Adams Academic excellence in math, religion and citizenship NCA, WCEA, NCEA $1995-$2660
St. Ambrose Catholic Elementary 300 S. Tucson Blvd. 882-8678 PreK-8 440 1:20 Ongoing open enrollment; waiting list for some classes Jean Marie Bushell Religious education, basic core curriculum and diocesan sports program WCEA, NCA $2,125
St. Cyril School 4725 E. Pima St. 881-4240 K-8 399 1:21 (K); 1:28 (1-8) Ongoing open enrollment; waiting list Peggy Guerrero Strong academics, parent involvement, service and the uniqueness of every child Diocese of Tucson $3,195 (K); $2,570 (1-8)
St. Gregory College Preparatory School 3231 N. Craycroft Road 327-6395 6-12 435 1:17 Feb. 1 deadline; limited space available for certain classes Donald R. Nickerson Non-inflated grading standards in classes with academic depth and breadth NAIS, ISAS, NCA, ERB $9,900 (6-8); $10,900 (9-12)
St. John the Evangelist Catholic School 600 W. Ajo Way 624-7409 ext. 1-3019 PreK-8 146 1:25 June 1 deadline; waiting list Lourdes Amaro Strong Catholic faith, gifted strategies, safe united community WCEA, NCA based on income
St. Joseph School 215 S. Craycroft Road 747-3060 K-8 510 1:27 Ongoing open enrollment; waiting list Ellen S. Kwader Excellence in education with God in mind NCEA, WCEA, NCA $2,100-$2,600
St. Michael's Parish Day School 602 N. Wilmot Road 722-8478 K-8 330 1:18 Jan. 26 deadline; inquiry list Patrick Brown Rigorous liberal arts curriculum develops reflective, creative and disciplined learners in nourishing Episcopal environment SAES $4,400-$4,500
Sun and Shield Christian Academy 8811 W. Avra Valley Road 682-3423 K-12 45 1:12 Aug. 9 deadline; waiting list when classes reach 15 students Pastor Steven A. Morris Individualized learning that is Christian, and college preparatory AACS $1,292
Tucson Christian School 2855 N. Craycroft Road 326-2395 PreK-8 260 1:16 Ongoing open enrollment; no waiting list Carol Aandewiel Motivating students to apply themselves with diligence toward scholastic achievement New Testament Baptist Church $1,700-$3,100
Tucson Hebrew Academy 3888 E. River Road 529-3888 1-8 200 1:8 Ongoing open enrollment; waiting list for some grades Bathea James Our school offers a unique blend of secular and Judaic curriculum Jewish Community Day School Network $6,760 (1-5); $6,975 (6-8)
Tuller, Abbie Loveland School 5870 E. 14th St. 747-1142 K-8 140 1:15 March 15 deadline Mother Mary Louise Thompson Stresses a safe school environment and small classes SAES $3,400-$4,000
Turning Point School 200 E. Yavapai Road 292-9300 1-8 72 1:14 Ongoing open enrollment; waiting list for some grades Nancy C. Von Wald Improving reading, written language and math skills for learning disabled and attention deficit students Independent $5,550