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For various reasons, a number of families in the greater Tucson area strongly consider private schools for their child or teenager. Attached is a list of Tucson area private schools, published in the Arizona Daily Star February of 2001. Data often changes, so schools should be contacted directly for updated information and questions.

As you can see by the enclosed list, there is a substantial range of private schools according to price, location, and ages/grade levels served. Many are independent, some are religiously affiliated (but open to most all religions) and some are religiously oriented. A few schools are specifically oriented toward children with Attention Deficit and/or learning problems. Some have particularly small classrooms, overall smaller size, and other supportive characteristics that may allow some children and/or adolescents to be more successful than at larger, more crowded public settings.

Please be aware that there is also a substantial range of options in the public school system, both in and outside of Tucson Unified School District. A growing number of charter schools offer a diversity of curriculum focuses. Magnet, alternative schools and other specialized school programs can be explored by directly contacting your school district offices.

I have added Home School information sources. These are groups who have suggestions and support networks to assist you in teaching your children at home.

I hope the attached information is helpful.


Kevin Leehey, M.D.
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Board Certified

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